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Developing pedagogy to enrich children's maths education






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Leaders Improving Mathematics Education (LIME) has been established to share the best mathematical pedagogy & resources from around the country.  It will bring the leaders in education to you, to support your professional development.


Through the collaboration of primary, secondary and further education establishments, the transition of students through each key stage is maximised with the same methods & messages communicated.


Consistent messages = Consistent excellence.



Collaboration; not competition

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Debbie Morgan holds a national role as Director of Primary Mathematics at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). She has experience as a primary teacher, Headteacher, Mathematics Advisor, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education and Director of a Mathematics Specialist Teacher Programme.

Debbie currently provides advice and expertise to the DfE to support the implementation of the Primary Mathematics Curriculum.

(Taken from NCETM Teaching for Mastery publication.)


Secondary/FE  encouraged & welcome to attend to gain a deeper understanding of the previous key stage(s) therefore contributing to a more effective transition.

Debbie Morgan - NCETM  - Director of Primary Tuesday 13th September 4.30pm


- All events will be ticket only via eventbrite.

This ensures that attendees are officially registered and that oversubscription is managed.


- There will be one event per month, that is open to all ; Primary, Secondary & FE.

This allows for exposure to practices and current challenges faced by colleagues in all key stages, as opposed to the previous parallel sessions where only one could be attended. With a deeper understanding of the previous / next key stage and their teachings, we can aim to be consistent and maxmise the learning and progress of the students that we teach.